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I work from home, and my business is online, so don't have a separate business address.

No problem, we know many people work from home, have online businesses or have to go to clients places of work or home to carry out their business. After you put your business address, in this case should be the same as your home address, then select the option of you need address hidden/you work mobile/or your business is online.

What images should I upload?

We say you such upload images of your work, for example your clients hair if your a barber/hairdresser. Your dishes if you own a takeaway. A clients before and after photo if your a personal trainer. If you own a store, why not show the shop or products you sell. We recommend choosing 5-10 good quality pictures that show your work.

If I get customers through Establist, am I charged a fee?

No, at Establist we only charge you a listing fee, any customers you get from us are your customers.  

Some of my business details need to be updated. How can I do this?

Simple. You can just contact us with what details you need changed, and we will do it within 48 hours. So the quicker you get the details to us the better. Want to do it now? Just click here

My business will be closed while I'm on holiday, what should I do?

Please contact us if you decide to close your business, whether it be short term or long term. No customers like to be left in the dark, or turn up when a shop is closed. Keep them informed! Want to do it now? Just click here

How can I get featured on the home page?

This is a premium feature, more details will be provided after launch. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get exclusive updates and discounts.

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